Google Glass Gets Frames for Prescription Glasses

The $225 (€164.8) new frames make the device even more expensive

Google has been talking about making Glass suitable for prescription lenses for a while now and the company has finally delivered.

Google has revealed four frames specifically made to work with the device, each priced at $225 (€164.8).

The frames are separate from Glass, which already costs Explorers $1,500 (€1,099), which raises the total price of the gadget to $1,725 (€1,263) for anyone unlucky enough to have bad eyesight.

The Titanium Collection includes a handful of styles that are rather cute, albeit a bit bulky for many users’ tastes. Hopefully, new collections will be added in the near future, which will help everyone find something to their tastes. The four available frames can be customized slightly by changing the color.

Explorers will be able to access the new frames soon, as well as two new styles of twist-on shades.

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