Google Glass for Sale on Craigslist

Whether the people at Google like it or not, the device is up for sale on Craigslist

You can’t sell your Google Glass, at least in theory. However, there’s one user on Craigslist that is trying to make money off his pair.

Posted a week ago, the message says that the device is brand new and that it’s still in its unopened original box.

According to the post, the frame color is “shale,” which is similar to grey. And most importantly, the asking price is of $6000 (€4670).

That’s four times the $1500 (€1170) price tag Google set on the device. According to TechHive, the device was first listed for $6500 (€5060), but the price was lowered in the past few days.

Since Google specifically prohibits selling your device at this stage, the purchase comes with some risks.

Even the seller says that Google restricts which accounts can be used with Glass and mentions that the device will come paired with an empty account that will be transferred to the buyer.

He says he will even go the distance to attempt an activation using the buyer’s personal account when the transaction is complete, but if it fails, there won’t be a refund.

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