Google Gets Fined by Korea for Street View Data Collection Issue

The unauthorized collection of data was admitted by Google nearly four years ago

Google got slapped with a 210 million won ($196,000 / €144,000) fine by Korea for collecting personal data via Street View.

According to the Korea Herald, the issue dates back to the entire snooping saga related to Google Street View several years ago. Since 2010, after Google admitted that the Street View team had collected fragments of data transmitted via unsecured WiFi networks while driving through the world, the company has been fined several times.

The Korean regulator has demanded Google to delete the data and the company complied. The company has stated several times over that the project leaders never wanted this data and it wasn’t even looked at.

Google has already received fines from Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States.

The equipment that mistakenly collected this type of data has since been removed from the Google Street View cars.

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