Google Fiber "Not a Hobby," Google Plans to Expand the Service

Google could become a powerful ISP, but it will take years

A Google carrier may be a long way off, even with the company testing a short-range wireless network at its headquarters, but a Google ISP already exists.

While Google has said for years that it had no plans to become an ISP and that Google Fiber was just an experiment to test new fiber technologies, new apps that rely on high-speed Internet and to push existing ISPs to improve their services.

But Google is changing its tune a bit, Google's chief financial officer said that Fiber was "not a hobby" during the earnings call this week.

He added that this was a good business opportunity and that Google was looking to expand Fiber's reach.

This, after Google said it would be catering to 50,000 or 500,000 people at the most. Granted, it has a long way to get there.

Even with a slight change in message, there's no guarantee that Google is seriously looking at becoming an ISP, certainly not a nationwide one.

Even if it does, it will take many years for it to do it; it took several years to get Fiber off the ground and Google has only started connecting houses a few months ago.

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