Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City

Welcome to the next level of Internet speed: Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore

With Google kicking off the actual process of connecting people’s homes to the ultra-high speed network, residents of Kansas City may think they’re not in Kansas anymore as far as Internet speed goes.

As Alana Karen, director, service delivery at Google Fiber, describes it, the procedure is pretty simple and extremely customer-oriented.

They’re aiming for “one and done”, which means that everything should be up and running after the first visit of the installers (they even carry vacuum cleaners to remove any mess they make). This also means that everything will be explained to you to your understanding, so you’ll know how it all works.

Obviously, the benefits of Google Fiber are more important than the installation process. One Kansas City resident already reaping the benefits of Google Fiber posted this on Twitter, just to rub it in our face. Mission accomplished.

Check out the video above to see the pack of awesome that comes with Google Fiber, besides the crazy Internet speed. Just FYI, we do envy Kansas City residents.

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