Google Extends Free Calls in the US and Canada in Gmail Offer for 2012

Phone calls have been free there for the past couple of years

A couple of years ago, Google introduced phone call support to Gmail and its voice chat service. It was free in the US and later in Canada, but Google said it was a temporary thing.

Then Google extended it a couple of times, keeping the calls free for the entire year of 2011. But this year is approaching its end, so maybe you're thinking that you're going to start having to pay.

Well, surprise, surprise, Google is keeping the promotion a while longer, for at least another year. So you can continue calling everyone you know, from inside Gmail, for free.

"As the holiday season approaches, we're happy to announce that we've extended free domestic calls within the US and Canada for 2012," Google announced.

"This is our way of helping you connect with friends and family across the country. And you can still call the rest of the world from Gmail at our insanely low rates," it added.

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