Google Extends Support for Contacts, Calendar Sync for Windows Phone

Google planed to phase out support for Exchange Active Sync today

Google caused quite a stir a short while ago when it announced that it would be dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync for its services, basically meaning that Windows Phone users would not be able to sync their contacts and calendar or email via Google Sync.

Since there are no native apps for either of Google's services, it wasn't a happy prospect for Windows Phone owners who also happened to be Google users, which is probably a lot of them.

Initially, Google said it would be dropping support today, January 30, but it seems that the company had a change of heart, presumably after all the backlash, and has extended the phase out period through July 31, 2013.

This means that Microsoft will have time to implement support for CalDAV, CardDAV, which will handle contacts and calendar data. Windows Phone already supports IMAP for Gmail.

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