Google Expands North Carolina Data Center

The company might receive the right to buy renewable energy

It’s a known fact that Google is all about green energy, especially since it spent over $1 billion (approximately €760 million) in solar and wind energy projects.

Despite this fact, the company has no say-so over the fuel used to produce electricity to power its data centers. Google has proposed a new tariff to buy renewable energy directly from utilities.

Furthermore, it even announced plans to spend a lot of money to expand its Lenoir, North Carolina data center, after it has already spent $600 million (€460 million) for what has been done so far.

The local power provider said that it would submit a renewable energy tariff in the next 90 days, which would allow large consumers to buy renewable energy from various projects in the area.

Since cloud computing companies have been pressured by the public due to the increased amounts of energy used by the data centers, Google has taken another step to improve the efficiency of its data center and has invested in ways to promote renewable energy usage.

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