Google Expands 360-Degree Interior Photo Program to Six More Countries in Europe

The program enables businesses to add panoramic photos to their entries in Google Maps

Google is expanding its interior photo program, dubbed Business Photos, to several more countries in Europe. The program, as the name implies, enables businesses to provide interior photos for Google Maps and search.

The catch is that the interior photos span 360 degrees and cover the entire shop or restaurant. These photos require specialized equipment to shoot and experienced people to shoot them, which is why they're not available everywhere. Google first needs to train photographers for them.

The program is now available in six new countries in Europe, namely Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland. It's also expanding to Singapore in Asia.

"The Business Photos program enables merchants to create 360-degree, interactive tours of their establishments. This imagery allows potential customers to look inside and explore businesses before they go," Google describes the feature.

Businesses can now ask a certified photographer to come visit their locations, on their expense, and photographers can sign up to be part of the program in all these new locations.

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