Google Exec and Former Motorola CEO to Join Dropbox

Dennis Woodside will be Dropbox's newest COO after Google sold Motorola

Google is losing one of its long-time employees, Dennis Woodside, who is moving on to Dropbox, where he’s taking on the job of chief operating officer.

Woodside joined Google in 2003 and he led the company’s ad sales before moving up to lead the Motorola team in 2011, Tech Crunch reports.

Now that Google sold Motorola to Lenovo (sans the trove of patents), Woodside has decided to leave the company and try his luck in another place since he won’t be joining the other execs over at Lenovo.

As mentioned, at Dropbox, he will be the chief operating officer. Given how there’s been talk for months that the cloud storage company could be heading for an IPO later this year, a man with Woodside’s expertise could come in handy. This is also a good career move for him since Dropbox is only now really starting to grow.

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