Google Employees Get a Chromebook, Nexus 7 or Motorola Razr M

Employees get to pick their presents, no Nexus 4 is available

It's almost Christmas time which means one thing and one thing only, presents. Google's always quite generous, for example with Google I/O attendees, so you can imagine it's equally generous with its employees.

This year is no different, Google is giving all of its employees one device of their choosing.

Employees get to pick from a Samsung Chromebook, an Asus Nexus 7 and a Motorola Razr M, The Next Web reports. All are closely associated with the company, though perhaps the Motorola phone stands out.

Motorola is owned by Google though and, chances are, it doesn't have any supply problems like LG has with the Nexus 4. People that bought the Nexus 4 have trouble getting it, there was no way Google was able to secure thousands of them to give to employees.

Likewise, the Razr M is cheaper. That said, it's still a solid Android phone. And if you're not looking for a phone, perhaps the small tablet or even the Chromebook.

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