Google Earth Outreach Helps Australian and New Zealand Conservation Efforts

The program provides free mapping tools to nonprofits

The Google Earth Outreach program is one of the company's tools for nonprofit organizations. It's a useful one at that, it provides mapping services for free for the organizations that need them and it's safe to say there are quite a few that fall into that category.

Now, the program is being made available in Australia and New Zealand so it can help with projects there. It should be of particular use to conservation efforts in the region.

"With Google Earth Outreach, nonprofit organisations can use Google mapping tools to visualise their causes and tell their stories to millions of people around the world," Google explained.

"Across the globe, nonprofits have used Google Earth Outreach to help clear landmines in Cambodia and Angola, and to demonstrate forest and wildlife loss in Sumatra, Indonesia," it added.

In Australia and New Zealand, three projects are already making use of the tool. One team is using it to monitor coral reef health over large areas using satellite imagery.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has created several interactive maps following the work it's doing.

Finally, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy is also making use of the new tools for tours of some of the sites it manages.

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