Google Displays Privacy Fail Message on French Homepage

In the process, the privacy watchdog's website went down thanks to the included link

After being ordered (again) to display a message regarding its privacy issues in France on the local homepage, Google conformed and included a link to the decision taken by the country’s privacy watchdog.

In turn, this caused the CNiL site to crash soon after the notice was published on

Not too long ago, Google was found in violation of French privacy law after it rolled out a new set of unified privacy policy. CNiL ordered Google to a €150,000 fine. Furthermore, the Internet giant had to display a message explaining the new fine and include a link to the decision. Google contested the latter, trying to convince the authorities that it would damage the company’s reputation.

After the idea was disregarded by authorities, Google was forced to comply and changed the homepage not too long ago.

Soon after, CNiL’s website started crashing. Sites specialized in displaying downtimes for various sites displayed connectivity issues.

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