Google Debuts a New Colorful GBike

Designed to carry employees around campus fast and clean

Google has many, many perks for its employees to ensure they stick around. The competition for talented engineers is hard in Silicon Valley so companies need to find ways of enticing talent and keeping it around.

One way Google is doing this is with the free GBikes it offers to employees to get around campus or around town fast but in a green fashion. The GBikes are quirky as Google itself and it's hard not to notice the brightly colored two-wheeled contraptions.

As you can imagine though, these bikes see a fair amount of usage so they get a fair amount of wear as well. A while back Google decided to replace most of the bikes at Googleplex and asked Googlers to come up with designs.

The emphasis was on simplicity, the bikes had to be user-friendly but also easy to make and maintain. The winning design has been picked and about 1,000 of the new bikes will be arriving on campus shortly.

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