Google Debuts Maps Engine Android App, Free Trial Tier

Google's professional mapping tools are getting some improvements

Along with the introduction of the new Google Maps Engine Pro, a mapping tool for businesses, Google also announced some changes and improvements to the regular Maps Engine as well as the debut of a new free trial subscription tier.

For example, there's now an Android app for Map Engine which enables users to access any of their maps created with Maps Engine, Maps Engine Pro, and Maps Engine Lite.

Also new are Connector Tools for several legacy systems. The tools enable users to migrate data they have stored in other products, such as SAP, into Maps Engine. The migration tool supports over 300 products, Google boasts.

Finally, the search giant is introducing a new free account type designed to make it easy for would-be customers to test Maps Engine before deploying it.

"The introductory account is an easy way to introduce Maps Engine to your organization’s geospatial infrastructure. The free account supports the product’s full platform capabilities, including API access, but limits the number of map queries per day," Google explained.

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