Google Criticized for Using the Wrong Indian Flag Colors on Independence Day Doodle

The doodle used a different shade of yellow than the flag

Today, Google is celebrating India's Independence Day on the local search site with a doodle, like it does in most of the countries where it has a local presence.

There's nothing particularly special about that, but this year, the gesture has gotten more attention than usual and not the good kind.

Shortly after the doodle went live, critics started complaining that the colors Google used weren't all that accurate. The tricolor flag is normally made up of saffron, white and green.

But some believed that Google's flag used yellow and not the more appropriate color. Normally, that may sound like nitpicking, though some people are pretty sensitive about these things.

But it looks like Google agreed and later updated the doodle with a new version using a darker yellow. It's still not the exact color of the flag, but perhaps a bit of artistic liberty isn't a bad thing.


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