Google Creates Crisis Response Map and Info Page for Jakarta Floods

Google's crisis response team is quick to deploy resources in areas affected by disasters

Google's crisis response team is getting better and better at tracking global disasters and providing those in need with tools and info they may find useful. Heavy rains have led to massive flooding in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, leaving a few people dead and more than 20,000 evacuated.

Things are likely to get worse as more rain is expected over the next few days. Google has put together a website with resources that could prove crucial to those there.

The resource page has info on the areas affected, traffic conditions, info to enable people to avoid the worst areas. There's also info on where to find more immediate help, phone numbers, shelter info, even Twitter accounts that are useful.

"We also have a mobile page with emergency contact numbers and lists of shelters, and enhanced search results on to provide information directly when people search," Google explained.

"We’ve also included this information in our FreeZone service to reach affected users on feature phones," it added.

FreeZone is a free internet program in Indonesia aimed at feature phones, visits Google sites included in the program aren't charged by the carriers.

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