Google Completely but Temporarily Blocked in China, Test or Honest Mistake

Google is back to normal in China, though some of its services are permanently blocked

Many Google services were blocked in China on Friday. Sites such as YouTube have been blocked for years, but now services that regularly work became inaccessible from mainland China.

Google confirmed that it saw a drop in traffic from China to some of its properties and said there was no problem on its side.

However, traffic went back to normal after the big drop that affected most Google domains, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps and others.

It's unclear at this point whether this was a mistake or something done on purpose. It will probably never be known, since China isn't exactly known to be transparent about its internet censorship policies, or anything else for that matter.

All sites were affected, but also Google's Hong Kong search engine, which services mainland China, as well as

This was obviously a concerted effort, but while it's obvious China has the ability to block Google entirely at moment's notice, it doesn't prove that it intended to this time.

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