Google+ Communities Can Now Elect Moderators

Large communities need more people managing them besides their creator

Google is already updating the Communities feature it unveiled for Google+ last week. The feature is supposed to replace the need for groups or forums with an equivalent product based on Google+ identities. Whether it succeeds remains to be seen, but there are already several very popular Communities.

As with any group that grows beyond a certain number, it becomes unwieldy to manage, which is why Google is now making it possible to have some users moderate the content in the group.

It's possible that Google had the feature ready from the get-go and wanted Communities to become large enough to warrant the need for moderators, but it's also possible that Google came up with the feature after users requested it.

"Many of you who manage large communities have asked for a way to add more moderators. Today, we're excited to roll out a quick fix that makes this possible," Google's Brian Glick wrote.

"Just look for 'Promote author to moderator' in the drop-down menu on any community post. Clicking this option will, not surprisingly, make this person a moderator," he added.

The feature is available to community admins, those that have created that particular group. If they feel the need to hire "deputies," they can now do it.

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