Google Code-in Is the "Summer of Code" for Highschool Students

The program welcomes contributions from younger students

Google may be boasting about the success of its Summer of Code program for university students, but it's got another program lined up for those still not old enough to go to college. Google Code-in is now at its fourth edition and is aimed at 13 to 17-year-olds who want to get involved with open source projects.

Unlike in Summer of Code, students can contribute in more ways than just write code. Documentation is very welcomed and so is quality testing.

"Open source projects are about more than just coding, and this contest highlights a variety of ways to contribute to open source projects. Every year, open source software is becoming more important around the globe; from government, healthcare, relief efforts, gaming, to large tech companies and everything in between," Google explained.

The 2013 edition is starting in November and will take place over seven weeks, until early January. Students will be able to contribute code, documentation, help with community management, work in testing, and even do user experience research. In the first three editions, 1,200 students from 71 countries participated.

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