Google Cloud SQL Adds 10x More Storage, Introduces a Free Trial

The cloud service now comes with 100 GB of storage and up to 16 GB of RAM

Google has been offering some cloud services for a few years now and has been ramping up its effort lately with a few more specialized products.

Now, it's trying to bulk up interest in its cloud database storage service, refreshingly dubbed Google Cloud SQL, with a major update of the service and a new trial program.

Cloud SQL customers can now get 100 GB of storage, a ten times improvement over the 10 GB that used to be available.

Customers can also get some 16 GB of RAM now, four times as much as before, so they can cache a lot more of their data, leading to much better performance.

That's not all, Cloud SQL is now available in an EU data center, so if the US one was too far away, the new option should be more interesting.

Finally, Cloud SQL also comes with a free, trial tier that lasts for six months. During this time, users get 0.5 GB of storage and a regular Cloud SQL instance for free.

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