Google Changes the Way Authorship Looks like in Search Results

The results no longer feature pictures and Google+ circle counts

Google is cleaning up its act and has started to unify the way the company’s search results pages look both on mobile and across other types of devices.

According to John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst with the Internet giant, the company has decided to simplify the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results. This means that the profile photo and circle count will from now on be removed.

Mueller mentions that the experiments run by Google indicate that the click-through behavior on the less-cluttered design is similar to the previous one.

The new design for authorship looks a lot simpler with the clickable author name being the only thing displayed. In the old format, you’d get the name, Circles and the profile picture, which made people easily recognizable.

Now, the headline of the article appears on top, followed by the source and the time elapsed since it was published, as well as a tiny picture of the author, if available, and a clickable author’s name. These appear, however, only when looking in the News section.

The changes are currently being rolled out to both desktop and mobile results, so you should see the changes quite soon.

The new authorship model
The new authorship model

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