Google Celebrates the First Day of Summer with Fun-in-the-Sun Doodle

It's also celebrating the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere

Google is running two doodles today to celebrate the summer (or winter) solstice, the longest day of the year, or the shortest if you live in the southern half of the world.

Since summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is officially here in the Southern one, Google has commissioned two animated doodles, one for each season, from artist Christoph Niemann.

"Whether you're in the northern hemisphere or south of the equator, 'tis the season for doodles today with two animations from guest artist Christoph Niemann. Cozy up to celebrate the first day of winter, or ride the waves to mark the summer solstice," Google explained.

The summer doodle is all about fun in the sun, even if the swimmers in the doodle don't exactly seem to be enjoying themselves. You'd think that someone at the beach, taking a swim, would smile more.

The winter doodle is about knitting scarves, which nobody in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere probably wants to think about. Nobody likes the cold.


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