Google CEO Larry Page: Chrome Has 200 Million Users

Google convinced 40 million people to switch to Chrome in the last five months

During its quarterly earnings report, Google also had some numbers and info about its biggest products. CEO Larry Page revealed that there are now 200 million people using Google Chrome.

"Chrome usage is going through the roof. We have now hit over 200 million users and still growing fast," Larry Page said during the conference call after the report was revealed.

"Turns out people really care about getting to the web quickly and securely, and having a whole ecosystem of apps at their fingertips," he said.

The last time Google provided Chrome usage numbers was during this year's Google I/O conference. At the time, Chrome had 160 million users. The previous number had been 120 million.

Chrome added 40 million people in just five months, confirming the trend that browser market analysts have been seeing. If Chrome continues to add new users at this rate, it will become the second most popular browser in a few months.

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