Google Buys Cloud Monitoring Service Stackdriver

Stackdriver's product will be integrated into Google Cloud Platform

Google has announced that it has acquired cloud monitor service Stackdriver.

“Stackdriver has built a leading service to help developers intelligently monitor the apps and services they’re building and running in the cloud. This allows customers to have more visibility into errors, performance, behavior, and operations,” reads Google’s announcement, signed by Tom Kershaw, product manager.

The teams over at Google Cloud Platform and Stackdrive will work to integrate the latter’s functionality in Google’s products in order to offer customers a new set of advanced monitoring capabilities.

The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, but it’s rather rare to have Google announce an acquisition and the fact that the target’s product will immediately be integrated with its own. Most often than not, the announcement simply mentions that the members of one startup or another will join Google, but not that the tools they have created would be integrated.

This time around, it’s obvious that this is more than a simple “acquihire” that’s so popular in Silicon Valley.

Stackdriver was launched back in 2012 and it allows users to monitor their cloud apps, and see detailed stats about how they are using their cloud platforms. It has become particularly popular thanks to its ability to monitor Amazon Web Services, but also for the fact that it supports monitoring individual servers.

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