Google Briefly Discusses Nest, Nexus and Glass

During the earnings call, the company discussed the hardware side of its business

During Google’s earnings call, the company’s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora discussed the company’s hardware.

The company is quite happy with the reception that users had for Nexus 5, especially during the holiday sales period, TechCrunch reports.

Furthermore, it also discussed Nest, the recently acquired company. Google wants to help Nest scale and will continue to invest in this goal. Furthermore, it seems that the team will continue to work on the smart thermostat and smoke detector.

“As you know from the Nest acquisition, Glass and wearables, we’re continuing to innovate,” Arora said when he was asked whether selling Motorola would affect their hardware plans.

Of course, this is quite interesting, considering that so far, Google has only built Google Glass, which has yet to be released to the large public and its Nexus phones are actually put together by LG. Although rumors have been going on for a long time about a possible Google smartwatch, nothing has come out of that so far.

Perhaps Google has a lot more in store when it comes to gadgets.

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