Google Bought Gecko Design, Might Finally Make Glass Cool Enough to Wear

Google X is getting some new employees after Google bought the hardware design company

Google has made a rather awesome acquisition for its Google X labs after acquiring Gecko Design Inc.

This means that Google is looking to focus on some sleek product design for whatever Google X is cooking up in its labs since Gecko is responsible for how hardware devices look and feel.

While the name of Gecko Design may not be familiar to the general public, they’re actually responsible for the original Fitbit, some Jawbone Bluetooth headsets and even Dell PCs. The company has a lengthy resume that recommends it for whatever Google has in mind.

“This is an incredible opportunity for everyone at Gecko. We are very excited and honored to join Google(x) and work on a variety of cutting edge projects,” said Jacques Gagne, Gecko’s president and owner, on the company’s site.

Google X are the labs that are responsible for Google Glass, for the Loon Project that sends balloons into the air and turns them into WiFi spots, the driverless cars and more. If Gecko’s team isn’t going to work with Google on the Robotics department, it will likely help out designing the next generation of Google Glass.

This is an exciting prospect, especially since many have complained that while the device is somewhat minimalist, it makes people feel out of place while walking on the street since everyone stares at them. Coming up with a design that will help people blend in more should be quite helpful in getting more people interested in the head gear.

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