Google Advertising the Chromebook in the Chrome New Tab Page Again

Google is very determined to get as many people as possible to buy a Chromebook

The Chromebook is finally becoming a success story for Google or, at the very least, has the making of a success story. It's been a long road though; Google has been working on Chrome OS for a few years.

But work alone doesn't cut it, just look at Opera. Google has also been promoting Chrome OS and the Chromebooks quite heavily.

It's been running ads on the homepage, on TV, even in print. It has even run ads inside Chrome itself a couple of years ago, just after the first Chromebooks were introduced.

Now, it seems, it's at it again. Some users are reporting seeing an ad for the new Samsung Chromebook inside Chrome. It's unclear whether this is the sign of a new, large campaign or just something Google shows to some users from time to time.

However, it's yet another indication that Google is very interested in Chrome OS succeeding to capture at least a portion of the laptop market.

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