Google Adds a "Bacon Number" Calculator, for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (Easter Egg)

It's trivial to find out how close any actor has come to playing in the same movie

Google is becoming more and more useful not just as a search engine but as an answer machine. The Knowledge Graph makes it easier to simply provide you with an answer rather than just a few links. What's more, Google is building more and more tools into the search engine itself.

The latest is a Bacon number calculator. The Bacon number is how close Kevin Bacon came to other actors and actresses, basically, a six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

As most Google tools, the Bacon number calculator is quite simple to use. Just type in "bacon number" followed by the name of the actor you want to check. It doesn't have to be an actor, per se, but it helps if he or she appeared in a movie at one point.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is not a new concept, it's based on the six degrees of separation theory, but as you may have guessed, it uses Kevin Bacon as the central figure.

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