Google Adds Patents from China, Germany, Canada, and WIPO to Its Prior Art Finder

Hoping to improve the quality of patents by eliminating duplicate or trivial ones

Google continues its fight to transform patents into something usable and fair, if it can't get rid of them entirely, with the expansion of its Google Patents Search and the newer Prior Art Finder tools into more countries.

The two tools started out with patent and patent applications from the US, and then later added patents from the European Patent Office (EPO).

Now, Google is adding patents from China, Germany, Canada, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This should make it easier than ever to find existing patents in any of the countries and prior art for new patent applications.

The search giant hopes that this greater availability will translate into better patents all over the world.

"Thanks to Google Translate, all patents are available in both their original languages and in English, and you can search across the world’s patents using terms in any of those languages. When there are multiple submission languages, you can move between them with a single click on the tabs at the top of the page," Google explains.

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