Google Acquires Personal Delivery Locker Company BufferBox

An odd choice for the company, but Google has a plan, it's just not sharing it

Google is acquiring companies at a fast pace again, after slowing down for a while. The latest on the shopping list is BufferBox, a company that provides rentable lockers for deliveries. It's a peculiar choice for Google, but not a very surprising one at the same time.

The company is backed by Google Ventures, the company's own venture capital arm. The company, which operates in Canada, wants to revolutionize delivery by making it possible for people to get their packages delivered at a locker of their choice.

Most people aren't at home during the day, when packages get delivered, and many can't get them delivered to their workplace. There's clearly room for improvement here.

Still, while the company makes sense, Google buying it doesn't seem like the obvious choice. But Google is getting more into ecommerce these days. Its local and mapping services are also top notch.

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