GoDaddy Helps Woman Quit During the Super Bowl

She'll certainly have everyone's attention when she quits her job

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and the half time will, as always, be filled with awesome commercials. Well, GoDaddy is having some rather unconventional plans for this year – it will help a woman quit on national television.

According to a teaser released by GoDaddy, someone will resign from her job to follow her dreams of being a business owner.

The ad is not exactly what the Super Bowl is used to, which most often than not involves semi-dressed women and sexist jokes.

On the other hand, however, the ad does seem to fall into a recent trend of creative quitting videos, where employees that are unhappy with their jobs tell their bosses “I quit” in funny manners and then post the videos on YouTube.

The woman who is taking the big step towards following her own dreams will be revealed during the Super Bowl and will certainly get plenty of attention following the event.

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