Gmail's Controversial New Compose Window Adds Labels and Stars

Google is slowly adding back features from the old composer

The new Gmail compose window, still optional, has proven rather controversial, but Google is going ahead and adding new features in preparation for a wider roll-out.

The latest addition is the ability to add labels and star messages straight from the compose window.

"You can now add labels and stars to messages in the new compose by clicking on the More options menu in the bottom right and hovering over Label," Google explained.

While some users didn't like the new compose window in Gmail, most are adverse to any change. Those that have embraced the new feature have grown to love if only because they can get other things done in Gmail while composing a message.

The only downside has been that the new compose window is lacking some features available in the old one. That's understandable, Google wanted to start with a base set of features and then add only those that are really needed.

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