Gmail Rolls Out New Full-Screen Compose Window

A new feature is being rolled out to users across the globe

This week has brought plenty of changes for Gmail. Aside from the brand new tabs, Gmail now features full-screen option for the compose window.

After the company rolled out the new compose back in March, there have been many requests sent out to the company, with people stating things they’d like and things they hate about the new update.

“We listened carefully to your feedback and as a result, the new compose now offers a full-screen option,” the company said in a Google+ post.

When this option is enabled (which can be done from the pop-up menu attained by clicking on the bottom-right arrow), the compose window becomes centered in the inbox and expands to fit the screen by fading out the page behind it.

Users can choose to make this feature the default option by simply ticking it.

The full-screen option is not yet available all over the globe and it will get rolled out to everyone in the next couple of days.

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