Gmail Hangouts Finally Land in India

Just as Google+ introduced a new bandwidth manager

Google+ may or may not be popular and growing, but one thing's for sure, everyone likes the Hangouts feature. In fact, it's been so successful that Google has been moving it beyond Google+, building it into Gmail for example.

But the feature hasn't been available everywhere, in fact, Hangouts in Gmail are only now becoming available in India, for example.

Gmail already had the one-on-one video chat feature, based on Google Talk, but the upgrade should be worthwhile. You can still have one on one conversations of course, but you'll get a few new features as well.

Perhaps not a coincidence, Google has also introduced new bandwidth management tools to make it easier to adjust the quality of the video and audio to make the most of your internet connection. That feature should come in handy in places in India where internet speeds aren't great.

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