Gmail Can Now Insert Auto Backup Photos

The new feature is currently being rolled out today

Using the Auto Backup feature provided by Google may come in handy for more than one thing right now. The company is updating Gmail with a cool new feature that enables you to share the pictures that were backed up from your phone in an extremely easy way.

Starting today, you can save a lot of time by inserting the photos into Gmail messages on the web by using the “Insert Photo” button. Clicking the button gives you access to all the pictures that have been backed up from the mobile devices you own, starting with the most recent.

“If you upload and organize your photos into albums on Google Photos, you can also share entire albums. Plus, you can now resize images while composing messages by dragging on any corner to make your snapshot picture perfect,” writes Google’s Product Manager Thijs van As.

The feature is currently being rolled out to Gmail on the web. In order to take advantage of this new option, you should turn on Auto Backup on your phone, so that you can easily include the latest pictures without going to the trouble of checking your Google Photos each time you want to email a recently taken snapshot.

This is what the inserted pictures look like
This is what the inserted pictures look like

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