GitHub Investigates Harassment and Discrimination Against Female Engineer

Julie Ann Horvath quit her job at GitHub after being harassed by exec

GitHub may have an awesome image when it comes to the tools it provides, but the atmosphere inside the company seems to be far from great.

Late last week, Julie Ann Horvath, an engineer with the startup went through a very public resignation, explaining her reasons on Twitter. Horvath indicated that she had been harassed by someone in the GitHub leadership.

Later on, as she told her story to TechCrunch, she described a sexist environment against women at GitHub, as well as made accusations against the wife of one of the co-founders who tried to intimidate her.

GitHub has already reacted to the situation and has forced said co-founder to leave and banned his wife from the office. Another individual, a co-worker that Horvath rejected romantically, was also put on leave after she accused him of ripping code of projects that they worked together on.

“GitHub has grown incredibly fast over the past two years, bringing a new set of challenges. Nearly a year ago we began a search for an experienced HR Lead and that person came on board in January 2014. We still have work to do. We know that. However, making sure GitHub employees are getting the right feedback and have a safe way to voice their concerns is a primary focus of the company,” wrote Chris Wanstrath, CEO and co-founder of Github.

While he admits that things have not been easy, he thanked Julie Ann Horvath for her contributions to GitHub and apologized to her.

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