Get Rid of Unwanted Notifications from Facebook with 'Unfollow Post'

The new simple option makes for a much less annoying Facebook experience

Facebook has been making waves with the big new features it keeps on adding, like the auto-share feature. But it's also adding smaller features and tweaks to improve the site and fight off Google+.

One great new feature that has been quietly introduced sometime this month is "Unfollow post," which, as the name implies enables you to 'unsubscribe' from notifications about a particular post.

It works like this, every time you comment on post or photo, like it and so on, you will then receive notifications about activity around that post or photo.

This can be annoying and distracting, so the option to stop receiving updates for posts that you've already had your say about is a great way of getting rid of some of the clutter in Facebook.

Of course, you can customize your Facebook notifications preferences to stop receiving any type of notification like this.

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