Germany Wants Update for U.N. Treaty to Include Online Communication Forms

A 1966 human rights treaty should be updated to include emails, IMs, and social media

Despite reports indicating that Germany has strong ties with the NSA, the country’s foreign and justice ministers have sent a letter to their EU counterpart proposing the expansion of a 1966 U.N. human rights treaty to include modern forms of communication like email, instant messaging, and social media.

Furthermore, the country’s data protection watchdogs called for the suspension of a key agreement regarding data exchange between Germany and the United States over revelations about the US intelligence gathering programs, CBR reports.

“We want to use the current debate to launch an initiative that would outline the inalienable privacy rights under current conditions,” the letter states, calling for a meeting of all parties.

The United States continues to defend the NSA spying programs, claiming them as necessity to prevent terrorist attacks, despite the fact that the privacy of millions of innocent citizens is violated in the process.

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