Germans Are Said to Drop Google Street View Criminal Investigation

Google captured payload data from WiFi networks inadvertently

Google's Street View program was the source of a lot of headaches at the company. Granted, those headaches were self-inflicted by the company's own incompetence. However, it was incompetence and maliciousness German prosecutors are said to have concluded.

The verdict is not official yet, but Bloomberg reports that German authorities are dropping the criminal investigations into Google's Street View WiFi mishap, which had it snare public bits of data that were transmitted by open networks.

The investigation has been two years in the making, but Hamburg prosecutors have argued that they concluded it. Rumors say they haven't found anything to indict Google and are dropping the whole thing.

That's not to say Google is completely off the hook in Germany, Hamburg's data-protection commissioner Johannes Caspar, who has been tracking the case and Google in general for years, said his organization will continue with an investigation of its own if prosecutors are no longer interested.

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