Gangnam Style Made $1.7 Million on YouTube, Will End the World on the 21st

The video is headed towards one billion views, spelling doom for us all

Gangnam Style has been a phenomenon for months now and it shows no signs of slowing down. The video is already making YouTube history and is headed for another major milestone, the first ever video to get one billion views. All of this in six months, impressive.

The video has propelled Psy to international stardom, though it remains to be seen what he'll make of it. He's been making the most of it so far, with appearances on TV all over the world, concerts, merchandise and so on.

In fact, the video alone has made a decent amount of money, the New York Magazine estimates that the video made some $1.7 million, €1.3 million in ad revenue. By the time it reaches one billion views, it will have made $2 million, €1.53 million based on the estimated $2 per 1,000 views YouTube rate.

YouTube took a big chunk of that, but it's still money that would have not existed without YouTube.

All of that won't be worth much if the world ends when Gangnam Style reaches one billion views, as Nostradamus clearly predicted – click the photo for the full story.

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