Gangnam Style, Curiosity, Felix's Jump, Everything Under the Sun in Epic YouTube Mashup

YouTube got all of its stars to show up in the same video

YouTube is looking back at the year that's almost over and highlighting the videos that have gotten the most attention.

The number one video of the year is easy to guess, it's the one video that has broken all YouTube records and did it in just six months.

PSY's Gangnam Style exploded onto the scene on July 15. Since then, it's become the pop cultural event of the year.

It became the most watched video on YouTube a few weeks ago and is now on its way to reaching the historic one billion views mark.  In fact, it's at 970 million views now so it's a matter of days at most.

Still, there have been plenty of videos that made an impression this year and YouTube decided to put them all inside the mother of all mash-up video.

Featuring PSY himself and many YouTube superstars recreating all of the great moments and videos of the year, Gangnam Style, Call Me Maybe, the Olympics, Curiosity's landing, the elections, nothing's safe in the video above.

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