Fullscreen Buys Supernova, Formerly Known as Viddy

Once considered to be the "Instagram of videos," Viddy sold to Fullscreen

Fullscreen, a YouTube network for brands and video creators, bought Supernova, the old Viddy.

Once upon a time, Viddy was a leading video-based social network. As it struggled to compete with Vine and Instagram, Viddy turned into Supernova last year, in November.

Now, the company threw in the towel and accepted an offer from Fullscreen, although terms of the deal have not been made public.

“Our mission continues to be helping people create and share amazing content using elegant technology. Together with Fullscreen, we will create mobile video products that millions of users enjoy. We are thrilled to turn our attention toward serving and exciting the thousands of creators in Fullscreen’s global network,” said JJ Aguhob, co-founder and CEO of Supernova.

At the same time, George Strompolos, founder and CEO of Fullscreen, said that with the acquisition of Supernova, the company becomes well positioned to capitalize on the major shift in consumer behavior through rich mobile video content experiences.

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