French Sky Shop Photobombs Its Own Google Maps Business Photos

Skying in the parking lot and something else entirely in the dressing room

By on February 2nd, 2013 18:31 GMT

The Business Photos feature in Google Maps comes in very handy if you have a small shop or restaurant, it provides 360-degree panoramic shots of the interior of these places, making it possible for people to check them out ahead of time.

It's a great opportunity for businesses to look their best. It's also an opportunity for some "guerrilla" advertising since you can get a bit creative with the actual photos.

That's exactly what one French skateboard shop did, by photo bombing its own photos. Anyone checking out the shop on Google Maps is in store for quite a few surprises, from bike-powered skying it the parking lot to other, steamier sports in the dressing room.

It's a small shop, but almost any photo has something strange going on in it. You can check out some of them here and the rest on Google Maps.

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