Flickr Will No Longer Support Facebook and Google Login Starting Next Month

The company is hoping that users will choose to create a separate Yahoo account

For understandable reasons, Yahoo has decided to remove Facebook and Google sign-in for its Flickr service, and the change is coming by the end of the month.

The feature has already been removed from a sports service and now it is Flickr’s turn, according to emails sent out by the company to users.

“If you access Flickr through Facebook or Google, please sign in one last time using the buttons below. You will be prompted to create your new Yahoo account,” reads the message sent by the company.

This isn’t exactly a move appreciated by the service’s users since they’re now forced to create a Yahoo account rather than use the ones they already had. Of course, Yahoo is looking to become popular again, but forcing people to create new accounts isn’t exactly going to bring them many fans.

Flickr integrated third-party log-ins a few years ago in an effort to widen numbers. Now that people have signed up for Flickr, Yahoo hopes that their love for the product is big enough to get them to create a separate account on the company’s platform.

The Yahoo account provides email, as well as the opportunity to personalize the experience you have on the company’s websites, including what type of content to get easy access to, such as sports, economics or celebrity news for instance.

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