First Glimpses of the WebKit Opera for Android, Landing in a Few Weeks

Opera is showing off its first WebKit-based browser

As promised, Opera is now showing off its first WebKit-based browser, the new mobile Opera for Android.

The app is not available just yet, it should be coming in the next few months, but the company is highlighting some of the features that it hopes will make its browser stand out in the sea of WebKit browsers already available for Android.

On the face of it, Opera for Android looks very similar to Chrome for Android. It's using native UI elements which account for the similitude, but unlike Chrome, WebKit Opera will be available for older devices still running Gingerbread.

WebKit Opera also comes with a number of UI improvements, the Speed Dial has seen some changes, there's also an interesting visually-rich UI for switching between open tabs.

One feature unique to the new Opera browser is what the company calls Off-Road mode.

When internet connections are poor, Opera can switch to retrieving pages via Opera Mini technology, in which websites are first rendered in the cloud and then sent to the mobile browser, saving up bandwidth in the process.

An iOS version is set to land a month after the Android browser is released. Only after that Opera will start focusing on the desktop browser, that's going to land in the second half of the year, most likely.

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