Firefox's Cute Firefoxes Will Only Be Live for a Week More

The red pandas Mozilla is taking care of are ready to move on

Firefox may sound like the name of a mythical animal, or your favorite browser, but they are real. They're not actually foxes, or even related to foxes, and they're not, as you may imagine, on fire.

What they are though is very, very cute. To celebrate Firefox's mascot and to give you a daily dose of animal cuteness, Mozilla has been running Firefox Live, a live video stream of several firefox cubs growing up at the Knoxville Zoo.

But the latest live stream is about to go dark as the cubs are now fully grown adults, though they're only eight months old.

Since red pandas, aka firefoxes, are endangered, the three cubs, Bernadette, Dolly and Winston, are going to several other zoos to freshen up the gene pool. As such, the live stream will end on March 27.

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