Firefox Social API Goes Beyond Facebook to Support Cliqz, Mixi, MSN Now and Weibo

The Social API enables websites to add social features directly to the browser

A few months ago, Mozilla introduced the Social API and with it Facebook Messenger for Firefox. The Social API makes it possible to add social features to the browser and stay connected to a social website without having to actually visit it.

Mozilla started out with Facebook since that's who it tested and developed the feature with, but it's an API and it was always designed to be open to anyone.

Now, Mozilla is introducing the first partners for Social API other than Facebook, among them being CliqZ and Mixi, MSN Now and Weibo.

The apps from these partners only work in the very latest Firefox Nightly version, so there's some way to go before they're part of the stable release.

"We will expand testing with additional social providers in Firefox Nightly, including CliqZ and Mixi, MSN Now and Weibo soon," Mozilla announced.

"We are really excited about the possibilities that Social API brings to the future of browsing including ways to integrate even more social providers, e-mail, finance, news and other applications and services into your Firefox experience," it added.

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