Firefox Only Has 8 Million Users in China, but Mozilla Is Working on It

The browser market is much more competitive in China

While Chrome and IE may be battling it out globally, in China things are a lot different. IE dominates simply because it's built into Windows, a situation familiar to the rest of the world a few years ago, but there are also a bunch of local browsers, mostly built on top of IE, but some using other engines as well.

It's a much more competitive market and one where traditional browsers like Chrome, Firefox or even Opera don't fare too well.

Considering that China is the largest internet market on the planet, it's something that browser makers are deeply interested in.

Firefox, for example, only has some 2-3 percent market share, according to Mozilla China, about eight million people. Mozilla's Jack Guo reckons most of them are more advanced users than the rest, many are developers.

But it's still a very small piece of the pie and Mozilla has several ideas on what it can do to improve that, mostly by providing more localization, things like China specific add-ons.

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