Firefox 16 Lands with Smoother Games, Web Apps, a "Command Line"

The latest Firefox comes with plenty of features for any type of user

Firefox 16 is here, it's already available for download from the official and very visible sources, and the announcement should be up any time now. The latest Firefox comes with plenty of improvements and new features, as is usually the case.

There's nothing that users will notice straight away, but Firefox 16 should offer a much smoother ride, thanks to incremental garbage collection.

This change in the way Firefox frees up unused memory should mean that intensive apps and games will get a smoother performance, with fewer annoying pauses.

The latest Firefox also comes with initial support for web apps, the ones Mozilla has been working on for a while now. They're supposed to be an open alternative to the ones in the Chrome Web Store, though, with Firefox OS on the horizon, Mozilla's priorities have shifted.

Developers have even more to look forward to in Firefox, it's getting a "command line" in the Web Developers Tools which should make it easier and faster to do any number of things in the browser.

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